Using algorithms to control high speed networks

Dr. Bashir Mohammed is an experienced AI and Machine Learning researcher and academic with experience in network operations research, cloud computing, and Fintech with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Bradford. He is currently working as a Postdoctoral research fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, working on the Deep Learning and AI High-Performance Networks project (DAPHNE)

Dr. Mohammed’s current research focuses on developing AI and machine-learning algorithms to optimally control high-speed distributed network resources, minimize network downtime and avoid network traffic congestion for critical exascale scientific workflows. In this video, you’ll take a peek into the complex computational work Dr. Mohammed does to keep high-speed networks running smoothly!

“I used to enjoy taking things apart to see how they work. Building my first computer was an experience that remains fresh in my memory. Looking over what seemed to be a city of silicon, I was amazed at how elegantly the chips, integrated circuits, and all the components were arranged on the motherboard”

Outside of the lab, Dr. Mohammed enjoys playing basketball while also pursuing his love of acting on stage in Berkeley local theaters – a technologist with many talents!