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Experiments and activities

Looking for science experiments and activities you can do with common materials you can find in your home or easily at a store? You've come to the right place! Each of these activity sheets introduces new vocabulary and has a series of discussion questions and answers developed by experts in different STEM fields. 

"What is pH?"

What makes a liquid an acid or a base? What types of compounds can change the pH of a liquid? Why is pH important anyway? These questions and more are investigated in this experiment!

pH worksheet.pdf
Soil Science worksheet.pdf

"Soil Science and composting"

It is estimated that over 2 billions tons of food around the world ends up as waste every year. When that food goes to landfills, it takes up landfill space and decomposes to produce greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming. Composting, a natural process where microbes turn food and yard waste into nutrient rich, dark, crumbly material, is one way we can use food waste in a beneficial way. In this experiment, we explore the process of composting and learn how to set up a home compost system!


Photosynthesis is how plants make their own food using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. Leaves act like tiny kitchens, using sunlight to turn these ingredients into food and release oxygen. In our experiment, we'll observe this process by placing leaves in different light conditions. Get ready to discover how plants work their green magic!